desert dawn tours

Desert DAWN is pleased to provide nature experiences steeped in the camping and woodcraft traditions of outdoor Americana.  Following the paths blazed by early camp and trail woodcraft teachers over a century ago – “Nessmuk,” Horace Kephart and Dan Beard – we continue the tradition of teaching outdoor skills using basic gear and nature’s resources. Come learn classic woodcraft camp and trail skills – including knife, axe, rope and fire craft – and then use these skills to make your comfortable camping home in nature. Join us as we explore the sweeping landscapes of the slickrock desert, riparian canyons and forested mountain eco systems within the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest.

Desert DAWN is a nature awareness school that takes you on a journey of discovery and awakening to the ways of nature.  We  reveal this landscape and it’s treasures to our guests through day hikes, woodcraft camping courses, family courses and private excursions.

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Come Home to Nature, It Welcomes You