Utah Slickrock Guides
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We’re Skye and Craig—hiking guides in Grand Staircase—Escalante National Monument. Dayhike with us, and go beyond any guidebook, including ours: Hiking from Here to WOW: Utah Canyon Country. We invite you to get in touch with us, even on short notice. Tell us your interests, preferences, and goals. Describe your experience and ability. Knowing all that, we can spice your vacation with a big, bold, mundane-existence- shredding accomplishment.  Want to hike only a few hours? All day? Every day for a week?  Let’s do it. Our routes vary from four to eight hours. We can dial the physical challenge up or down, as you wish. Compared to hiking a trail, you’ll find cross-country hiking with us is way more flexible and exciting.

Surrounding Boulder and Escalante is a remote, serene, sunny wilderness fissured with chasms, crusted with slickrock, studded with domes, reefs, buttes and pinnacles, and infused with the mystery of an ancient culture. Come explore it with us.

Our Routes
Sky Train / The Glacier / Witchcraft Caldron / All You Can Eat / Private Island / Whirling Dervish Reef / Boulder Jazz Festival / Never-Speak-Of-It Gulch / Escalante Alchemy / Buckle Up / Rock Whisperer / Where Dinosaurs Drink / Boulder Baptism / Revelation / Jedi Slots / Crack in the Cosmic Egg / Cowboy Up! / Little Zion / Manifest Destiny

Our Rates
Single Dayhike
4 hours $275 for 2 hikers / $325 for 3 hikers / $375 for 4 hikers
4.5 to 6 hours $375 for 2 hikers / $475 for 3 hikers / $575 for 4 hikers
6 to 8 hours $500 for 2 hikers / $600 for 3 hikers / $750 for 4 hikers

Full Week of Dayhiking
We’ll guide you on five dayhikes. Two of the hikes will be 4 to 6 hours long. Three of the hikes will be 6 to 8 hours long. Overall hiking time will average 6 hours per day, not including time driving to/from trailheads. So this is a vigorous week, twice alleviated by rest days. Cost depends on group size: 6 hikers = $600 per person, 5 hikers = $650 per person, 4 hikers = $750 per person, 3 hikers = $850 per person, 2 hikers = $1000 per person. That’s only $120 per person per day (group of six), or $150 per person per day (group of four), for a full week of guided hiking through spectacular, perplexing backcountry, on primo routes that would be exasperating or impossible for most visiting hikers to find.