My first visit to Highway 12, wasn’t the first visit of my life, rather it was the first time that I traveled the Scenic Byway ready to see the epic beauty of a place.  I had traveled it any number of times as a child, but as a child I was prone to being bored, sleepy and car sick on any given car ride and you don’t see as much from the back seat.  Then when I was 19 I joined the U.S. Navy and saw the world.  There was so much difference between the rest of the world and the country I called home that I had to see it with fresh eyes.  As you get older, you come to appreciate beauty in all its forms, especially natural beauty of the landscape, as it is so rare.

When I came home from my time in the Navy I got busy and some years went by.  But finally the land of my forefathers beckoned so I got myself up to Boulder, Utah and that took me over Highway 12.  I was in awe.  I had seen so many monumental places all over the world, but the most majestic was here in the home of my mother, grandmother & grandfather and great grandfather and grandmother.  It was amazing.  Bryce Canyon and Red Canyon were unique the whole world over.

But it was the Boulder, Utah area that truly stunned me.  When I got to this portion of Highway 12 I knew I was in the middle of something very special.  I was visiting something that took my breath away.  After getting up here for a number of summers and just taking it all in at leisurely pace, I found an amazing girl that loves this place more than me and decided to stay.  Here I am now, wanting to be in the middle of something amazing.

Boulder Mountain - Boulder, Utah   Boulder Mountain - Boulder, utah  Hidden Canyon off Highway 12 utah


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