Singing Earth Farm - Boulder, Utah

Singing Earth Farm
Modern Mongolian Yurt


phone: 435-335-7485

4580 Hellsbackbone Rd. Boulder, UT 84716


$85/night minimum 3 night stay. Accommodates 4 people (details below)
At Singing Earth Farm you’ll find remote isolation of the wild and an unforgettable silence. A place to submerse yourself with nature and explore a diversity of ecosystems all on one property. From the Pinion and Juniper desert hills to the pristine Oak grove with flowing creek.
More than a retreat…the seeds are being planted for a sustainable land-based agricultural community. It is a place to experience and partake if you wish in the life of the farm and meet some wonderful people.
In some ways Singing Earth Farm which is set in the middle of meadows and wooded hills is a place where time has stopped, making it the perfect retreat to rest and rejuvenate oneself while exploring the limitless possibilities for hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding or…daydreaming in a hammock. It’s a place to be, in nature, with nature, and to enjoy simplicity.
As your hosts we live close by in our solar, straw-bale home ensuring you have a delightful stay.
singing earth farm - boulder, utah

Beautiful Comfortable Yurt

Singing Earth Farm Main House

Peaceful Surroundings

Lodging Details

Seeds are being planted for a sustainable land-based agricultural community

Singing Farm is like a place where time has stopped

Experience the simple pleasures of farm life

Beautiful Comfortable Yurt
A modern version of the traditional Mongolian yurt can accommodate 4 people. It has three windows with mosquito screens and a wood stove, making it a cozy place even during cold days (we provide the wood)
The yurt has an outdoor kitchen, part of the attached porch with pots and pans, a small two burner propane cooking stove, a cooler, dishes and cutlery and a dining table under a covered deck.
A great place to hang out in the shade, chat with friends, and cook a good meal. The yurt is close to the main house and surrounded by trees, which gives it a magical touch and privacy.
Hot showers and restrooms are available attached to the nearby main house with their own exterior access.
3 night minimum
$85/night 2 guests, $20/night each additional guest
6 night minimum
$70/night 2 guests, $20/night each additional guest
Phone: 435-335-7485
Address: 4580 Hellsbackbone Rd. Boulder, UT 84716


Set up your tent in the heart of our beautiful land. Shade. Privacy. Wildlife.

We intentionally keep a limit on the number of people in the camping area to be kind to the land and to provide a more intimate connected experience for our guests.

Wake up to the deer and and other little animals walking through camp. The camping area, about 300 feet away from the main house, is shaded with many trees, giving you privacy and a feel for the wild. There is a covered ramada with camping stove, pots and pans for you to prepare meals and picnic tables to relax with friends and family.

You have access to the bathrooms attached to the main house so a nice warm shower is available during your stay.

3 night minimum
$25/night 1-2 guests
$10/night each additional guest


Singing Earth Farm

Phone: 435-335-7485
Address: 4580 Hellsbackbone Rd. Boulder, UT 84716
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