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People come from all over the world to see the sites along the government designated “All-American Road” Highway 12.  Two beautiful national parks sandwich highway 12 with Bryce Canyon on the south-west end and Capital Reef on the north-east end.  There are points of interest all along Highway 12 for visitors to be amazed by.  (Take a look at our Highway 12 page for more information!)  But we honestly feel that the Boulder, Utah area of the Highway 12 is the most diverse and stunning section of the Highway.   With the Burr Trail going east out of Boulder, and the  Hell’s Backbone Road & Bridge going west there is something amazing to see in all four directions from Boulder.

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The little known Burr Trail has amazed unsuspecting visitors for 50 years.  The rapidly changing landscape is riddled with breath taking canyons and trails, camp sites and vistas, roads and water paths.  Long Canyon some 10 miles down the Burr Trail is a canyon with vertical canyon walls on either side of the road that reach for the sky (and contain a semi-hidden slot canyon!)  Wolverine Canyon (just off the Burr Trail) is rife with petrified wood and is quite amazing on its own and leads to a formidable slot canyon (which loops back to the parking for Wolverine.)

Did you know that we have some of the best Restaurants in Utah here?  Try any of the 3 restaurants, you will not be disappointed!

  • Visit “Best of Utah” Hells Backbone Grill 435-335-7464
  • Sweetwater Kitchen – 435-335-7480
  • The Burr Trail Grill – 435-335-7511

Some of the local favorites at these restaurants include:  The Red Rock Burger at The Burr Trail Grill  *  The Grilled Pork Chop with chicory, beans and  fresh herbs at the Sweetwater Kitchen *  The Spicy Cowgal Chipotle Meat Loaf  from local grass-fed and finished beef with spicy backbone sauce and organic vegetables & lemony mashed potatoes from The Hells Backbone Grill.


You’ll want to spend a few days, there are A LOT of once in a lifetime sites here!

So make a room reservation…

  • Boulder Mountain Lodge 435-335-7460
  • Pole’s Place Motel 435-335-7422
  • Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch 435-335-7480
  • The Circle Cliffs Motel 435-335-7333
  • Singing Earth Farm 435-335-7485
  • Escalante Canyon Home (VRBO) 928-300-9857

 And most importantly:  Take a look around, our bit of Highway (12) is world famous!

Grab a Guide!

  • Earth Tours 307-733-4261
  • Desert Dawn Tours 435-335-7710
  • B.O.S.S. (Boulder Outdoor Survival School) 800.335.7404

If you’ve never seen a slot canyon before because they are so difficult to get to and navigate then Singing Canyon should be a real treat.  Only 11 miles from Boulder, in the Long Canyon section of the Burr Trail, this slot canyon is wide and short and only 100 steps from the road.  It’s accessible by nearly everyone unless there is heavy rain and/or flooding.  It’s a beautiful little slot canyon that gives you just a glimpse of the real thing!


Dan Hitt, Boulder Resident