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The Black Boulder Mesa is a low density residential community covering 860 acres.  It uses CC&R’s and conservation easements to insure sound design values, discretely site the homes and maintain privacy without sacrificing any views.


CC&R's contribute to some fine architecture, discrete siting of the Mesa homes and mutual protection of property values.

Lot 15A, Black Boulder Mesa, rim view at sunrise, 500 feet above valley floor. 10 Acres

Black Boulder Mesa is a low density project covering 860 acres with conservation easements and 4 miles of well maintained gravel roads.

Bill & Adalee Muse Property

Land for Sale in Boulder, Utah

Bill & Adalee Muse

We are Retiring! and selling 30 acres of our beautiful horse ranch. The property for sale can be divided into 6.65 acre parcels, 10 acre parcels, or more. See the map — the map shows two 6.65 acre lots, and one 7.09 acre lot. The red lines show possible 10 acre pieces. Zoning requirements require at least a 6.1 acre lot to keep it zoned in the Greenbelt tax category, which gives a substantial tax benefit.  Of course all property is within walking distance of the Monument. Lot #1 is a perfect setup for horsemen. It contains a hay storage area; an enclosed 12×12 tack room with lights and a cement floor; three 12×12 enclosed stalls and one 15×15 foaling stall with lighting, a shelter in a paddock; and other paddocks with moveable fencing. Also, there is a finished shop building with lighting, cement floor, and finished shelving for storage. This lot, or course, already has the water and electricity hookups. All the properties have an available or already installed underground irrigation substructure. Irrigation is with wheel lines. An application for a well for the easternmost properties has been submitted.


bill muse property for sale

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