My nephew came to town and we went to see a slot canyon some locals refer to as “Singing Canyon” (note: this is simply called “slot” on maps) in Long Canyon on the Burr Trail.  Jamal had a great time and since we got lost on the way to the slot canyons on the Hole In The Rock road, I decided to get him to the easiest slot canyon ever, one just a hundred feet off the road.   We had a great time in the slot canyon and then made our way to some of the other amazing places in and around the Boulder, Utah area.

singing canyon - burr trail

Me and Jamal running around in circles inside of the slot canyon just 100 feet from the Burr Trail Road

slot canyon - burr trail

Singing Canyon

We did everything we could think of in the slot canyon.  Singing, shouting, running, circling, jumping and everything else.  This place is something very special to me and I love to bring my friends here.  We can pack a lunch, see the slot and then go out onto the land and find a wonderful place to have our lunch.


The Burr Trail is something very special.  And there are so many branches to hike, places that are unlike any where else in the world.


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