Here is a lovely little slot canyon (which some locals call Singing Canyon) down the Burr Trail.  It’s a mere 100 feet from the road and is small yet stunning.  If you’ve never seen a slot canyon this is a great introductory because it’s easy to get to and wide enough for anyone to walk through.  I encourage everyone to visit the Burr Trail if you are visiting Utah and Highway 12, you won’t be disappointed.  As you can see, from the posts here I often take visitors here as it can be a quick trip yet a very memorable one.  I’ve had friends mention Singing Canyon years later, or bring up the pictures we took there.  Also, the little slot canyon is actually inside of a giant slot canyon (Long Canyon) along with the Burr Trail Road.  Long Canyon, when seen from the Burr Trail Road before you descend into it, is a fantastic place to take pictures.  Take an afternoon and at least drive down the 30 miles of paved road, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, continue on the dirt road and descend the switchbacks.  But be sure to check at the Anasazi Museum for road conditions they are very occasionally impassable do to wash outs.

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