Spooky & Peek-a-boo Slot Canyons

Hole in the Rock road

Highway 12

Angela and I went with her sister & family down Hole in the Rock road to Spooky and Peek-a-Boo slot canyons. It’s 25 miles down and then a few miles on Dry Fork road (takingall lefts.) There are no signs indicating that you’re on the right path, so knowing where you’re going is important. You just keep going left as far as it goes and then follow the trails.

3 slot canyons

The first slot canyon is hard to spot on the way in, as it’s obscured from the trail from that direction, but coming back it’s right there for you to traverse if you’re feeling like you haven’t had enough with the other two. We were done in and ready to go, so we skipped it and headed home.

Peek-a-Boo Entrance - Hole in the rock road - Highway 12 UtahThe second slot canyon, Peek-a-Boo, is entered by a little climb up via natural formations and carved hand holds in the rock.   You can see here in the picture on the right, that there is some difficulty getting up, but it can be done by most.   If you go up Spooky and down Peek-a-boo you’ll come out here, which can be scary.  This is what our group did.  Angela and me didn’t want to have to pass our 1 year old (Samantha Rain) down this ‘chute’ so we skipped Peek-a-boo on this trip.  Her sister’s family went through and piled down the carved steps with smiles on their faces, though I watched each of them overcome a moment of fear as they sat atop the ‘chute’ and gather courage to tentatively slide down.  It can be scary, and maybe going up here, around and out of Spooky (the 3rd slot canyon) might be best.

We chose the 3rd slot canyon Spooky to enter on.  My family has been traversing these canyons for at least 60 years and we went to Spooky first so away we went.  I’ve been told that it gets down to 17 inches wide, but that’s not true.  It’s the width of my chest in some places and that just barely.  I had to scrape along to get through and I carried Samantha at my side as she wouldn’t fit in front or back (I barely fit!).

peek-a-boo slot canyonThere are what I call ‘swirls’ in Spooky, which are narrow passes that kind of run in a circle and add to the difficulty especially if they go up or down a foot or three.  But We got through everything (4th grader – 40 year olds) all the way to the back.  At the top end of Spooky there is a climb out that is difficult especially for those a bit out of shape and some of the elderly.  There was a very peppy older couple just behind us and we helped them up and through.  They might not have made it up otherwise.  Dante, my son (19), went last because he was able to jump/scramble/climb on his own.


Over all we had a great time and the slot canyons were amazing.  Angela’s sister’s family had not been to one, so they were pleasantly surprised by what awaited them in the narrow confines of these canyons.  We hiked a few miles, maybe 4 round trip, got some slot canyoning done and had a great time with family. Peek-a-boo

Overall I’d rate the trip very high as we had a lot of fun.  After the trip we headed to Devil’s Garden to have lunch and they were pleasantly surprised Devil’s Garden as well.  They took lost of pictures and really enjoyed the trip.  We hope to see your pictures of Spooky and Peek-a-boo when you get a chance to visit Highway 12!