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Road Log Highway 12

Highway 12 is a paved state highway and maintained in all weather conditions. Several scenic pullouts and interpretive signing have recently been added along the highway. This road log begins in the center of Escalante town and proceeds over Boulder Mountain to the town of Torrey.

Mileage		Description

5.1 		Hole in the Rock Road.

5.5		Hole in the Rock, Fork from Boulder.

10.2		Head of the Rocks, good views of Henry mountains and the Escalante 
		Basin. The old Boulder road leaves the rim on the left, look for 
		the rock dugway near the power line. There is a large pullout on 
		the left  just after the highway drops below the rim rock.

10.9		Old Sheffield Road built by Boulder resident Sam Sheffield. 
		He used it to get to his homestead on the Escalante River. 
		The road deadends in about 10 miles.

14.0		Old Boulder Road visible on the left.

14.2		Boynton Overlook. Great views of the Escalante river and Calf Creek.  
		With binoculars you can see the 100 hands pictograph panel on the far 
		canyon wall just up-river from the mouth of Calf Creek.

14.9		Highway 12 crosses the Escalante River. The Escalante River 
		Trailhead is found here. There is a small "Moki House" located 
		on the eastern canyon wall just below the mouth of Calf Creek.

15.7		Highway 12 crosses Calf Creek. Good trout fishing is found here.

16.3		Calf Creek Campground (BLM). Lower Calf Creek Falls is reached via a 
		3 mile hike from this point.

17.0		Road climbs up to Haymaker Bench.

20.0		Road crosses "The Hogback", Haymaker bench narrows to the width of the 
		road and drops sharply on both sides. Use Caution on this section!

22.3		Upper Calf Creek Falls Trailhead (left)

24.8		Hells Backbone Road (left)

27.0		Enter the town of Boulder.

27.4		Road Crosses Boulder Creek.

28.0		Entrance to the Burr Trail (right)

28.7		Anasazi State Park. Museum, Artifacts, and restored Indian Ruins. 

29.5		Boulder Cemetery, many of the original settlers are buried here. 
		Amasa Lyman, Sam Sheffield, Henry Haws.

30.7		Trail point is straight ahead. Prominent point on Boulder Mountain.

34.1		Garkane Power Road. Trailhead Access, Haws Pasture, Kings Pasture.

37.4		Trailhead, Chris Lake

38.8		Trailhead, Deer Creek Lake.

39.3		View Pullout

40.1		View Pullout, Homestead. Good Vies of the Circle Cliffs, Escalante Basin, 
		Navajo Mountain, Monument Valley.

41.4		View Pullout, Steep Creek. Great Views of the Henry Mountains, Lower 
		Bowns Reservior.

42.5		Summit. Elevation 9400 Feet. Known Locally as Roundup Flat

43		Spur road, Pole Corral Draw, Edmonds Hole, Dry Bench.

43.1		Spurr road, Long Lake, Scout Lake, Great western trail, Sunflower Flat, 
		Bowns Point Trailhead.

43.4		Pullout, Spruce Spring. WARNING! The spring water is not tested 
		regularly for contaminants.

44.3		Elevation 9000 feet. Giant stand of Aspen/Pine mix. Watch for tourists 
		taking pictures on roadway.

47.2		Campground. Oak Creek

47.6		Spur road, Oak Creek Reservoir. 2.5 mi. Primitive 4WD.

48.2		Spur road, Lower Bowns Reservoir. Pleasant Creek Campground.

48.8		Pleasant Creek Trailhead. Access to Great Western Tail, Wildcat Trail, 
		Boulder Top Trails.

49.1		Wildcat Ranger Station. Occupied in summer only.

51.3		View Pullout, Larb Hollow. Northern most pullout. Views of 
		Mount Ellen and the La Sal Mountains near Moab 100 miles to the east.

51.6		Spur road, Chokecherry Point. Primitive 4WD.

53.1		Wayne County, Garfield County line

53.7		Singletree Campground

54.5		Spur road, Happy Valley

54.7		Views of Torrey Breaks, The Cockscomb, and Thousand Lake 
		Mountain. Directly ahead.

57.7`		Leaving/entering Dixie National Forest

58.5		Spur road, Slickrock Trailhead

58.9		Entering the sleepy little town of Grover. Live Summertime Theatre.

60.8		North Slope Road, Great Western Trail, Blind Lake.

61.1		Turnoff, Teasdale

63.1		Road crosses the Fremont River

65.9		The town of Torrey. Visitor Information, Food, Gas, and Lodging.
		-End of Road Log-

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